Selected Squad for 2019 EKF Kyu Grades

Due to withdrawal of some competitors and the exclusion of Dan Grades at the competition. Some squad members have been withdrawn and teams cancelled.

A list of competitors selected for the 2019 EKF Kyu grades on Sunday 13th January. A list of events and possible timetable of events maybe found by visiting this link.


  • Isabel Wyatt (JHKA)
  • Jenson Ward (JHKA)
  • Jamie Ward (JHKA) (6th Kyu and below)
  • Leo Cela Valentine (JHKA)
  • Alex Hutt (JHKA)
  • Maria Syrichas (JHKA) (6th Kyu and below)
  • Michael Ogunyadeka (JHKA)
  • Inga Silina(JHKA) (6th Kyu and below)
  • Alex Harvey (Forza)
  • Jack Symm0ns (Forza)
  • Eli Hardwick (FSK)
  • Jasper Simmons (FSK)
  • Joseph Bolton (FSK)
  • Mac Moore (FSK)
  • Ethan Davis (FSK)

Boys Team 9 yrs & under

  • Jack Symmons – Forza
  • Ethan Davis – FSK
  • Aaron Johnson-Campbell – JHKA

Boys Team 10-11

  • J.Simmons – FSK
  • J.Bolton -FSK
  • M. Moore – FSK

Boys 12-13 years

  • Alex Hutt – JHKA
  • Leo Cela Valentine – JHKA
  • Michael Ogunyadeka – JHKA

Please note individual entries will need to paid at the next squad training at Rayleigh Primary School on Saturday 7th December.