Sport Science

Sports Science with Frontier Karate Association

Sport Science Support
The Sport Science support is provided by Athlete Solutions and AMS. We offer full support in the following areas;
* Strength and Conditioning : The coaching support the gold standard in S & C is through NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA) and/or UKSCA.
* Sport Physiology: The support is through active sport scientist with affiliation to BASES and highly qualified and active performance specialists
* Sport Rehabilitation and treatment support: Specific and current advice for all your needs through qualified and insured therapists
* Athlete Management Solutions: Through Athlete Solutions and AMS we provide Muscle-skeletal screening, psychological training programmes which are used to support a number of National and International athletes in a variety of different sports. We use a variety of training resources and programmes including Footsport Dynamics and mind solutions.
All our competitors receive support in this area and can visit our training facilities to build them a first class professional training packages for the following;