September 18, 2021


British International Martial Arts Federation – members of the EKF, BKF, EKF & WKF

Sport Science

Sports Science with Frontier Karate Association

Sport Science Support
The Sport Science support is provided by Athlete Solutions and AMS. We offer full support in the following areas;
* Strength and Conditioning : The coaching support the gold standard in S & C is through NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA) and/or UKSCA.
* Sport Physiology: The support is through active sport scientist with affiliation to BASES and highly qualified and active performance specialists
* Sport Rehabilitation and treatment support: Specific and current advice for all your needs through qualified and insured therapists
* Athlete Management Solutions: Through Athlete Solutions and AMS we provide Muscle-skeletal screening, psychological training programmes which are used to support a number of National and International athletes in a variety of different sports. We use a variety of training resources and programmes including Footsport Dynamics and mind solutions.
All our competitors receive support in this area and can visit our training facilities to build them a first class professional training packages for the following;