About Us

FKA (frontier Karate association) and BIMAF (British and International Martial Arts Federation) was set up to bring together other karate and martial arts clubs and schools and provide them with the following benefits; We area forward thinking association but provide a variety of benefits for Traditional and Sport in Combat Arts.

* An opportunity to join the English Karate Federation to allow them to compete at European and World Level under World Karate Federation.
* Bi-monthly FKA/BIMAF e-Newsletter
* Member to member insurance for all students
* Instructor and event insurance
* Recognition of Dan grades for instructors
* Support for Karate Competitors but not to lose your club identity
* Business support and Marketing if needed
* Open courses to train with other Karate-ka and under special guest instructors
* CRB Checks
* Up-to-date and cutting edge support on training and coaching methods

Also, for individual clubs and instructors to be involved with an association which allows you to run your club and school with no interference or if needed full association support in various elements of your club business, sports science and conditioning support to help improve performance of Kumite and Kata compeitiors.

The FKA and BIMAF is an association and not a club, when you join FKA you become an associated member which remembers has the support for Dan Grade recognition, member to member insurance, crb checks, instructor insurance, access to support if you train or teach other martial arts with access to membership with BIMAF (see www.BIMAF.com).

Also, FKA competitive structure allows your Karate-ka to compete under an association but you as a coach and instructor do not lose your control on your students and we make sure you as a club get the recognition for your students success. See more under ‘TEAM FKA’.
If you would like to join FKA or BIMAF then go to the ‘join us’ link and we will be very happy to send you an information pack or phone Paul Simmons and have a chat. (01273 702 662 or 079 636 86129)