Squad Training & Selections – Rayleigh – 2/12/17

Rayleigh Primary School was the setting for the Frontier Karate Association Final Squad Training of the year. Both Sensei Paul Simmons 5th Dan and Sensei Anthoni Everitt 5th Dan were in attendance.

11 years and under

Sensei Anthoni ran the 11 years and under Kumite session. Working on numerous Punching Drills and blocking and counter punches. After a short break, the training resumed working on hook and sweeping techniques.

The class finished off with everyone demonstrating their sweeps and pleased to say, most were able to sweep by the end of the session.

The training ended with all students having a group photo and a welcome to J Honeywood Karate Academy that recently joined the Frontier Karate Association.

12 years plus

Sensei Paul took the 2nd session, Sensei Paul worked on kicking drills and the finer points of Mawashigeri and Ura Mawashigeri to be used in competition karate.

After a few drills and a few counter techniques using Jodan Ura and Jodan Mawashigeri, the students tried in kumite scenarios and worked up a good sweat.

Congratulations to the following students that were selected


  • Zehra Shukru (Forza)
  • Lauren Symmons (Forza)
  • Sophie Court (Forza)
  • Dylan Faint (Forza)
  • Kobe Yogarajah (Forza)
  • Theo Charles (Forza)
  • Malachi Dowling (Forza)
  • Yuan Yogarajah (Forza)
  • Lukas Patzold (Forza)
  • Jack Symmons (Forza)
  • Tommy Walker (Forza)
  • Joseph Bolton (FSK)
  • Ethan Davies (FSK)
  • Jasper Symmons (FSK)
  • Logan Moore (FSK)
  • Mac Moore (FSK)
  • Oscar Thompsett (FSK)
  • Aaron Johnson-Campbell (JHKA)
  • Jamie Ward (JHKA)
  • Harry Bellew (TCB)
  • Zack Bland (TCB)


Boys 9 & under

  • Ethan Davies (FSK)
  • Joseph Bolton (FSK)
  • Aaron Johnson (JHKA)

Boys 10-11

  • Theo Charles (Forza)
  • Kobe Yogarajah (Forza)
  • Dylan Faint (Forza)

  • Eli Hardwick (FSK)
  • Mac Moore (FSK)
  • Logan Moore (FSK)

  • Malachi Dowling (Forza)
  • Oscar Thompsett (FSK)
  • Harry Bellew (TCB)

Girls 10-11

  • Lauren Symmons
  • Sophie Court
  • Isabell Wyatt