Kata Development Team

If you would like to be considered for kata, please make sure you attend our next association squad training session

Updated Kata development team as of 29/09/2020

Please note, if you are on the kata development team. You will be in line to possibly represent your association in competition. Being on the development team will not guarantee selection, hard work, perserverance and continued improvement over time and of course, attending squad training sessions on a regular basis and your club preparation events will stead you to a possible selection. Keep up the hard work and congratulations to the following.

Group 1 (AKA) Red

  • Kobe Yogarajah
  • Yuan Yogarajah
  • Jack Symmons
  • Lukas Patzold
  • Zehra Shukru
  • Noah Mitchell
  • Izzy Johns
  • Natalia Owen
  • Oliver Owen
  • Alisha Emambacus
  • Eliseo Charalambous
  • Ethan Burton
  • Inga Silina
  • Isabel Wyatt
  • Harry Wyatt
  • Jean Marie St Mart
  • Maria Syrichas
  • Khemi Ubor
  • Ethan Burton
  • Rhea Chapman
  • Zane Chapman
  • Kai Ross

Group 2 (AO) Blue

  • Jenson Ward
  • Jamie Ward
  • Ava Ogunyadeka
  • Liam Hendry
  • Charles Lawes Daulton
  • Abinav Murugesh
  • Christine Charalambous
  • Michael Ogunyadeka
  • Leo Cela Valentine
  • Liam Hendry
  • Charles Lawes Daulton
  • Abinav Murugesh
  • Angela Sava
  • Selina Emambacus

If your name is not on the list and you would like to be considered, please make sure you are at the next association squad training (making sure you register for kata) Our next squad training session will be (click here)