Association Squad Training – Crowborough – 16/9/23

“Enter a captivating world of Karate, guided by the illustrious Sensei Paul Simmons and the esteemed Sensei’s Anthoni Everitt, Jade Honeywood and Hayley Ansell. They orchestrated the third instalment of this year’s extraordinary association training sessions, a testament to their unwavering dedication to the discipline.

Karate Session: The Path to Karate Excellence

The journey commenced with a spirited warm-up and invigorating stretches, graciously led by KY. With bodies primed and spirits soaring, the real enchantment began. The lesson ignited with precise Kihons, executed on the spot, setting the stage for a deep exploration into the world of Karate.

As the training progressed, the spotlight shifted to stance training, where Kokutsu Dachi and Kiba Dachi revealed their secrets. Here, students honed their skills in a harmonious symphony of blocks and strikes, each movement an intricate step in their Karate journey. The intricate dance continued with Renraku Waza, where these newfound techniques were seamlessly integrated.

In the session’s second act, participants embarked on a creative odyssey. Armed with their newfound knowledge, they were tasked with crafting their own Bunkai—each a unique testament to their creativity and Karate prowess.

Kumite: A Dazzling Display of Precision and Reflexes in Karate

Sensei Paul Simmons took the lead for an electrifying Kumite session that left everyone in awe. Through various drills, participants were thrust into the heart-pounding world of Karate, where lightning-fast reactions were the key to success.

Join us on this remarkable Karate journey, where the artistry of Sensei Paul Simmons and Sensei Anthoni Everitt knows no bounds. Their passion fuels the dojo, and their expertise lights the path to Karate excellence.”


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