JHKA & Forza at the WKF Youth Training / Cup

JHKA travelled to Croatia with four under 12 athletes to train and compete in the World Karate Federation WKF Youth Training Camp and Cup 2023. Our young athletes travelled on their first ever coach-athlete trip and competed in their first ever international competition abroad. This event happened to be the best event for youth in the world. They trained with World and European Champions and sparred with some amazing and talented kids from all over the world. Ava was chosen by Stanislav Horuna (Olympic Bronze Medallist) on Day 2 to demonstrate and also Enver Idrizi (Croatia’s first ever world champion) to demonstrate on Day 3. We had such a fantastic training camp and loved every moment. Unfortunately for the U12 Youth Cup, despite our efforts we couldn’t bring home any medals. There were a range of factors that prevented us from winning a medal and we were very sad coming away without. On reflection, these four athletes have potential far beyond this competition and our time is not now. We have

  • Eliseo (Commonwealth Bronze Medallist)
  • Jenson (English Silver Medallist)
  • Ava (Commonwealth Club Champion and English Silver Medallist)
  • Kai (British International Bronze Medallist).

These kids are not even 12 and have amazing talent that is developing in every opportunity. Ava, Eliseo, Kai and Jenson started their karate training in 2017. They have developed over the past six years from a 5/6 year old white belt to now purple / brown belts, they started as traditional karate students and are now national squad members. A, E, K and J fought against countries all over the world, in the World Karate Federation Cup, three out of four of them scored points at the highest level. They are now ‘international athletes and very proud of them.

Kobe Yogarajah is up tomorrow for his first ever WKF World Karate Federation Youth League. He has our support and we hope that we can all play a part in Kobe’s performance tomorrow. Kobe is a Forza Karate Club student as am I, we are not only coach and athlete but we are training partners. The stage is set, Let’s go KOBE, Let’s go!