Squad Training Success at Heathfield 05/03/22

What a day!

We began with kata training with Shihan Anthoni, working on kihons and then the class was split into 6 tatamis for the athletes to work on kata performance. The top 2 from each tatami were then ask to perform in front of the whole team working on their 2 favourite katas in front of Shihan Paul Simmons and Sempai Hazel Flaherty.


The class was split  into 2 with Shihan Paul Simmons, Sensei Jade Honeywood and Sensei Hazel Flaherty working with the 12 years plus, working on drills whilst Shihan Anthoni Everitt and Sensei Hayley Ansell worked with the 11 years and under.

A fantastic day to some great performances.

Well done to all the students, parents and instructors that support the association and their vision. keep up the good work!

Team FKA.