Association Squad Training – 4th March – Raleigh

Head of Association and Head Coach Sensei Paul Simmons 6th Dan led the association squad training, the 1st for 2023. He was assisted by Sensei Anthoni Everitt 6th Dan and Sensei Jade Honeywood 3rd Dan.

The first session covered competition kata, this was taught by Sensei Anthoni and worked on various kihons and drills and covered a shito ryu kata.

The Kumite session for 11 years was taught by Sensei Paul Simmons and Sensei Jade Honeywood, assistant coaches, Sensei Hayley and Sensei Hazel were present to offer their experience and help the up and coming youngsters.

12 years plus was followed with good kumite drills and lots of sparring. The session ended with a chat to the squad on their training for 2023 and how to approach it and not to rest on previous results as they need to strive and continue their hard work in clubs and kumite sessions provided.

Coaches are to discuss amongst each other and names will be announced soon for the 2023 British Karate Championships

Thank you to all the coaches and assistant coaches.