Team FKA Squad Training

27 June 2022 sensei 0

Sunday 27th June was the 2nd Team FKA association squad training. This was an important session for Head Coaches and Assistant coaches to watch and monitor the progress of our athletes for future events this year that includes the Commonwealth […]

Team Squad Selected for EKF Kyu Grades are

9 December 2019 sensei 0

Individual Boys Selected Jack Symmons Liam Hendry Zane Chapman Eliseo Ubor Jamie Ward Jean Marie St Mart Harry Morgan Aaron Johnson-Campbell Lukas Corbett-Cumberbatch Alex Hutt Kieran Norris Leo Cela-Valentine Michael Ogunyadeka Joseph Bolton Ethan Davis Individual Girls Selected Ava Ogunyadeka […]

Selected Squad for 2019 EKF Kyu Grades

11 November 2018 sensei 0

Due to withdrawal of some competitors and the exclusion of Dan Grades at the competition. Some squad members have been withdrawn and teams cancelled. A list of competitors selected for the 2019 EKF Kyu grades on Sunday 13th January. A […]

EKF Kyu Grades –

16 January 2018 sensei 0

Frontier Karate Association attended the 2018 EKF Kyu Grade Championships, headed by Sensei Paul Simmons, Sensei Anthoni Everitt, Sensei Jade Honeywood and Sensei David Thomas. Most of the squad were first time at these championships with the majority competing in […]